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Friday, September 30, 2005

mushroom cloud

starlight starbright first star i see tonight wish i may wish i might sleep on michelle's couch tonight...
a tree? yes. there are a lot of those around here.
most everyone's mad here
it's very difficult to keep the mind between the past and the present... a very contemplative wizard strokes his chin clearly lost in thought.
going on a bear hunt
shhh... i'm smoking an invisible joint. be careful what you wish for...

this is jonas. don't be fooled~he is not sleeping. he is being sneaky.

this is in fact andre fillion... he doesn't have an answer because he never had a question. and he's never had a question because he's never had a problem. he is always happy. but he doesn't write love songs.
i hear he's some kind of genius.

michelle fillion the professional photographer asks~why take the tripod off?



Blogger MARK said...

I have a brother in Victoria named Andre. My name is Mark Fillion and we have a sister named Helene (Len) and I'm now a blues harmonica player and can be seen on youtube as lamebuffalo.

4:02 PM


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