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Monday, August 01, 2005

The grand adventure of Claire and Michelle -posted by Claire

oh michelle...what does she remind you of in these pictures...a hobo? yes yes.....but a very beautiful hobo nonetheless

The great Coke - Pepsi battle of the twentieth century rages on. Which superpower will eventually dominate the world?
Looks like this time, Coke had the last laugh.

Mustard or Kethchup?

Michelle wants both!! that's gross.

we found this metal thing on the building and it was really cool so we went on it

Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers. I mean roses. Whatever.

Claire imitating the graffiti. What an excellent job! Victory is hers!

Too busy celebrating her victory, she tripped and toppled down a flight of concrete stairs. Ouch. But look how gracefully she ended up! Like a little angel.
Michelle's Spice Girl's audtition.
The sloped sides of the velodrome were too much for Claire to comprehend. so she collapsed.

most favourite picture of michelle ever
Good bye cruel world.
yeah claire, you climb

wooot play ground time!
Dat house, eet iz bloo!

doesn't michelle look like a renisance painting?
we went to esquimalt lagoon and it was windy and there was this creepy guy who parked beside us and i think that is why michelle looks so sad
but now shes happy because this was before the appearance of creepy guy
look how i glow
and spin.


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